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A little About Us

Welcome to the magical space of MagicShells.com.

First, congratulations on finding u!. Now we can finally show you why and how to start up your stable and secured service from our machines! Are you ready.

We specializes in offering DoS / DDoS protection services

We utilize state of the art filtering techniques on our multi-gigabit equipped network to identify and deny DoS/DDoS traffic, before it can disrupt any normal traffic.


Services we provide to ALL our clients are:

  • Substantial savings over other DDoS protection providers
  • 100Mbps connections by default
  • Experienced network engineers who work with you
  • REAL automatic DDoS protection
  • IRC & Adult content allowed
  • Custom plan setups available

Our network is supported with Multi GigE lines ensuring network availability at all costs. Our IRC network is provided through high quality firewalling system ensuring the least amount of protection will be needed from your side. Your server will be firewalled and filtered at all times. Our Network Operation Center is available 24/7 to support you with your technical needs.

Physical Security is at  level 3 identification which includes a Biometric hand scan to enter our restricted areas. Fire extinguishers with FM-200 are equipped in the event  of a fire disaster to make sure the least amount of damage is done to hardware. Free backup to all clients!

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