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Helpful Information

Q: What forms of payment do we accept?
A: Effective June 1, 2003, MagicShells currently accepts paypal,Internet banking,Direct Deposit.

How will I know when my account is due?
A: Every client receives a billing notice one (1) week prior to their deadline. Please read our Terms of Service about Payment Options and the responsibility, you, the client, has.

Where do I sign up for a shell account?
A: Click on the 'Order' tab. If you need customized / additional information of our offers, please ask

All the help you need is here...

Why bust your hump looking for answers to questions you have? Look no further as they can all be answered here!

If you cannot find it there, then click on out Live Help support, and someone from the team will try assist you in anyway possible!


Q: I have been waiting nearly one hour for my account to be activated. Why?
A: Our staff works hard around the clock to assure prompt replies to e-mail and account activations notices. It generally takes one-to-three hours for your account to be activated; however it may take up to twenty-four (24) hours. It really depends on the payment method.

Q: I am incapable of setting up my bnc/shell account. What should I do?
A: Please join us on IRC (Internet Relay Chat), #MagicShells on Oblivion IRC. You may ask anyone in the channel for assistance, or you may contact an us via mail or Web Chat. Our technical support is 100% free, so please use it to your advantage!

Q: I am more than satisfied with the services you have offered thus far. What if I want to add features to my account? What should I do if I want to add BG processes or quota to my account?
A: Please join us on IRC, #MagicShells @ OblivionIRC. You may also e- mail. Be sure to indicate how you would like to upgrade your account and include your login name so we know what account to upgrade. Upgrades will take effect the next billing cycle to avoid billing complications.

Q: Am I allowed to store mp3's, movies, pornography or illegal software on my shell account?
A: Please read our Terms of Service (TOS)

Q: How do I kill the processes that I'm running on my shell?
A: On your shell type: ' ps aux' find the PID number of the process, then 'kill -9 PID'

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