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We here at MagicShells.com like to provide our clients with not only the friendliest customer support, but also stable, reliable and also DDoS Filtering protection free of charge! Go a little over your quota? Why be blocked or pay extra?

MagicShells turns 10 years old!

Server moved to Melbourne based ISP

2 Users
100 Mb Space
75 b Tranfer
FTP Access
24/7 Support
200 Mb Space
200Gb Tranfer
10 POP3 E-mail
Gui Interface
24/7 Support

Basic PsyBNC
will get you started on your IRC ways. We set it up all for you, and all you have to do is pay then connect to the pre setup bnc!

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Basic Web Hosting
start your website today! We guarentee you uptime and a stable website for all your visitors from day one!

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